Managing your Shares

Electronic Communications

Shareholders now have the opportunity to receive shareholder communications electronically, e.g. Annual Reports, Notice of the  Annual General Meeting and Proxy Forms. You can elect to receive  email notifications of shareholder communications by registering at, where you can also set up a bank mandate to receive dividends directly to your bank account and to submit proxy votes for shareholder meetings. Receiving the Company’s communications electronically allows the Company to communicate  with its shareholders in a more environmentally friendly, cost effective and timely manner.


Dechra’s Registrar is Equiniti Limited. Equiniti should be contacted for any matters relating to your shareholding, including:

•            Notification of change in name and address

•            Enquiries about dividend payments

•            Submission of proxy form for voting at the Annual General

Shareholders who receive duplicate sets of Company mailings because they have multiple accounts should contact Equiniti to have their accounts amalgamated.

Equiniti offers a facility whereby shareholders are able to access their shareholdings in Dechra via their website ( Alternatively, Equiniti can be contacted at: Equiniti Limited, Aspect House, Spencer Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN99 6DA. The Registrars’ Shareholder Helpline for Dechra is 0371 384 2030 or  +44(0) 371 384 2030, if calling from outside of the UK.

Please have your Shareholder Reference Number to hand whenever you contact the Registrar; this can be found on your share certificate or a recent dividend tax voucher.

Share Dealing Service

Equiniti Financial Services Limited offer a Share Dealing Service to buy or sell shares. Further information can be obtained from or by telephoning 0345 603 7037.

Equiniti Financial Services Limited and its agents are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Please note that the price of shares can go down as well as up, and you are not guaranteed to get back the amount you originally invested. If you are in any doubt, you should contact an independent financial adviser.

Warning to Shareholders

Shareholders are advised to be wary of any unsolicited advice, offers to buy shares at a discount or offers of free Company Annual Reports. If you receive any unsolicited investment advice, whether over the telephone, through the post or by email:

  • make sure you get the name of the person and organisation;
  • check that they are properly authorised by the FCA before getting involved by visiting; and
  • report the matter to the FCA by calling 0800 111 6768 or by completing the online form at

More detailed information and guidance is available on the shareholder information pages of our website.

Additionally, feel free to report and/or discuss any shareholder security matters with the Company. To do this, please call +44 (0)1606 814 730 and ask to be put through to a member of the Company Secretarial department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Share and Share Dealing

You will need to notify our Registrars of your change in address, this can either be in writing or if you have a single holding you can complete a change of address form which can be found on their website (

Please write to our Registrars with details of your new name and previous name attaching your marriage certificate or change of name deed together with any unpaid dividend cheques in your previous name.

You can transfer your shares to someone you know by using a stock transfer form. Please contact the Registrar (whose details can be found in the Registrar and Share Dealing Service section), alternatively you can down load a Stock Transfer form from the Registrars Website, ( or from the Dechra web site. Once completed please return to the Registrar, together with the share certificate.

If you have lost your shareholder certificate or it has been stolen you must contact the Registrars as soon as possible by telephoning 0871 384 2030. The Registrars will then explain the process of obtaining a duplicate certificate. There is a charge for this service.

You should write to the Registrar enclosing the copy of the Death Certificate and Will should there be one. The Registrar will then write back to you with the requirements of how to register the Next of Kin/Executors and transfer the shares.

This may mean that you have shares registered in two accounts with slightly different details. If your shareholding is duplicated in this way, please contact the Registrars on 0871 384 2030 and then can arrange for your accounts to be amalgamated into one account. There may be charge for this service.


Historically Dechra has paid dividends twice yearly, the interim dividend is usually paid in April and the final dividend is usually paid in November. Please refer to the financial calendar section of this website which will provide you with the current year dividend payment dates.

Please either write to the Registrars or contact them on 0871 384 2030.

You will not receive a postal notification of your dividend payments from Dechra, but you will receive a personalised tax voucher from the Registrar. These are mailed to you on the payment date of the dividend.

Please either write to the Registrars or contact them on 0871 384 2030.

Please either write to the Registrars or contact them on 0871 384 2030.

Dechra dividend cheques may be cashed within one year of issue. After this time they need to be reissued. You can do this by returning the cheque to the Registrar. Please note that there may be a fee for replacing the cheque.

Please contact our Registrars in writing or on 0871 384 2030 and they will arrange for a replacement cheque. Please note that there may be a fee for replacing the cheque.

Annual General Meeting/Annual Reports

Annual General Meetings are usually held in October of each year. Please refer to the financial calendar section of this website which will provide you with the current year annual general meeting date.

Yes, please detail the name of your proxy on your proxy form.