Our Business

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is the sustainable improvement of global animal health and welfare.

Dechra is a global specialist in veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products business. Our expertise is in the development, manufacture, marketing and sales of high quality products exclusively for veterinarians worldwide.

We are a global leader in veterinary endocrinology and topical dermatology, have a broad portfolio of analgesia, anaesthetics and products for the treatment of pain, and we are also recognised as innovators in other specialisations such as the treatment of equine lameness, nutrition and differentiated generics.

Everything we do is underpinned by our Culture and Values. They are important to us and have helped drive the Group’s success. We believe that our Values encapsulate our business ethics and set out the standards that we wish to achieve and ultimately exceed. They outline the type of people we are, the services we provide and the way we aim to do business. We deliver high quality products and services to veterinarians worldwide through our employees and a network of third parties to sustainably improve global animal health and welfare.

Our Business Model

Our objectives are to innovate, develop, acquire, register, manufacture, supply and market high-quality products to the veterinary profession worldwide. We also offer high levels of service, technical support and educational training to promote the Dechra brand and to develop a strong relationship with and be recognised as an important partner to, veterinarians.


Our Offering to Veterinarians:

Dechra develops and manufactures drugs and therapies to improve the prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment of animals.

The value created for veterinarians: Our products give veterinarians the solutions they need in the treatment of animals. The majority of Dechra’s key products are novel or have clear advantages over competitor products. This allows veterinarians to offer a high standard of care to animals that they treat.

We offer high-level educational programmes focused on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions in our key therapeutic areas. We deliver this education through many channels, including major conferences, regional groups, individual practices and increasingly through digital channels.

The value created for veterinarians: We help to improve the knowledge and education of veterinarians. These programmes are certified to offer veterinarians and veterinary nurses the continuing professional education hours they require to maintain their professional qualification.

Dechra provides high levels of technical support and pharmacovigilance through helplines in every country in which we operate.

The value created for veterinarians: These helplines provide veterinarians with support on how best to use our products and free advice on any difficult or complex cases that may be encountered. This enables veterinarians to be fully informed and have the knowledge they need to apply best practice approaches to their care and treatment of animals.

Our products enable the improvement of animal health and welfare. Our customer support, educational and training programmes help to inform veterinarians around the globe and further improve animal health and welfare.

The Group at a Glance

Dechra is a global specialist veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products business. Our expertise is in the development, manufacture, marketing and sales of high quality products exclusively for veterinarians worldwide.


Product Registrations


Countries distributed to


Countries with their own sales and marketing organisations


Manufacturing sites



The Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC Group is made up of:


DVP EU markets and sells Dechra’s products in 19 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Hertz, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

In total, DVP EU employs 561 people, as field-based sales representatives, marketing professionals, in-house veterinarians, field veterinarians, and technical support staff. Inventory is managed through a central distribution centre in Uldum, Denmark.

The key products in the DVP EU portfolio are predominantly Companion Animal Products (CAP), Equine medicines and Food producing Animal Products (FAP). DVP EU also markets a range of specialist, therapeutic and maintenance pet diets, branded Specific™.

DVP International was established as a separate commercial division in 2017, with the aim of further developing Dechra’s global brand and product offering. It markets and sells Dechra’s veterinary products in Australia, New Zealand and Brazil through our own legal entities and via distributors to a further 36 countries worldwide. We have also recently established our own sales and marketing organisation in South Korea, which is the world's eight largest CAP market.  

DVP ANZ was established in 2016. It manufactures, markets and sells branded non-proprietary prescription and other related companion animal products in Australia and New Zealand. Following the acquisition in 2021 of the marketing rights to Tri-Solfen, the business will establish a farm animal business unit to deliver products and support for welfare in farm animal production.

DVP Brazil was acquired in 2018. It predominately manufactures, markets and sells vaccines in Brazil, other South American markets and some Asian countries.  We are currently registering Dechra’s leading companion animal brands.

Dechra International distributes its leading FAP, CAP, nutrition and poultry vaccine products to its key customers in most global markets. Through offering technical service and marketing support we help our customers establish our key brands and with the support of regulatory services we register and introduce new products to meet market needs.

DVP NA markets and sells Dechra’s veterinary products across Canada, Mexico and the US, the latter being the world’s largest animal health market.

The US business is located in Kansas City, at the heart of the ‘Animal Health Corridor’, an area recognised globally for its concentration of animal health businesses. There is also an additional office in Portland, Maine where part of the Product Development is based and a number of tele-sales.

DVP NA has 275 employees, consisting of field-based sales representatives, marketing professionals, in-house veterinarians, field veterinarians, technical support staff and a customer service team. DVP US and Canada currently markets CAP and Equine medicines.

DVP Canada was established in January 2015 and the office is located in Montreal.

DVP Mexico, was acquired in January 2016. It markets CAP, FAP and Equine medicines, mainly in Mexico and also exports to Central American countries.

The Product Development team develops Dechra’s own branded veterinary product portfolio of novel, generic and generic plus pharmaceuticals and related medical products. The Regulatory Affairs team obtains licences for our products, manages post approval adverse event reporting, periodic product renewals and other activities required to maintain the product licences.

At the end of FY22, a total of 190 people worked in our PDRA team at various locations globally. The Product Development team run in field clinical trials and formulate at three laboratories based at our manufacturing facilities.  The team includes highly qualified academics, veterinarians, formulation chemists, pharmacists, analysts, clinical trial managers and product development managers.

The PDRA team was further strengthened by the acquisition of Piedmont Animal Health, Inc in July 2022.  This business specialises in devloping novel and differentiated companion animal products and has a long and usccessful track record.  In particular, at the time of acquisition, it had a development team of 19 people who add strength and expertise to our existing resource.  They continue to work on a pipeline of eight novel products in various stages of development, all of which are highly complementary to Dechra's existing CAP portfolio.

DPMS produces approximately 40% of Dechra’s pharmaceuticals and manufactures for a limited number of third parties on a contract basis. It’s objectives are to produce Dechra’s product range efficiently to the highest quality standards, to maintain a reliable supply chain and to contribute profit to the business through third party manufacturing.

A total of 710 employees worked in the DPMS division as of the FY22 year end.

Our manufacturing sites at Skipton, Bladel and Zagreb also include Pharmaceutical Development, Quality Control (QC) and Stability Testing and Validation Laboratories.

Skipton, UK

The site at Skipton offers a comprehensive range of manufacturing and packing services, principally for CAP. It is a centre of excellence in solid forms for tablets and capsules, liquids, creams, ointment products and terminal sterilisation.

Bladel, the Netherlands

The site at Bladel manufactures water soluble powder and premix products for food producing animals in large-scale batches. It is also a centre for aseptic filling and for sterile injectables for both FAP and CAP.

Zagreb, Croatia

It produces and develops egg based vaccines. It also produces liquids in various scales and formats and is currently being expanded to be a second source of solid dose tablets.

Fort Worth, Texas USA

This site manufactures solid dose, liquids, creams and ointments for the North American market.

Melbourne, Florida USA

It is a centre of excellence in manufacturing palatable and chewable tablets.

Londrina, Brazil

This site produces a wide range of vaccines for multi species predominately for South America and selected export markets.

Sydney, Australia

This site produces a broad portfolio of dosage types for the Australian and New Zealand markets including tablets and liquids.

Pomona, California USA

In August 2022, we completed our most recent company acquisition when acquiring Med-Pharmex, Inc, a leading veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer.  It has expertise in topical, oral and certain injectible products.

This transaction provides further scale to our operations in the USA and the manufacturing facilities provide additional capacity for the Group to utilise for its own manufacturing strategy over time.

Dechra Values

Our Values are a consistent part of how we lead the Dechra business. From recruitment through to investment in the development and growth of our employees we use our Values to describe what matters at Dechra.

As the Dechra business grows through acquisition, we have recognised the importance of onboarding new employees into the Dechra way and enabling them to share and build on our Values as a route to unlocking value and success.

We believe that our Values encapsulate our business ethics and set the standards that we wish to achieve and ultimately exceed. They outline the type of people we are, the services we provide and the way we aim to do business.


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