Our Community

We believe that it is important to give back to the communities in which we live and operate. Our community ethos is aligned with our business purpose and Values, in particular, our Relationships and Enjoyment Values.

Our Community focuses on:

We encourage our employees to engage in community activities, in particular, in the fields of animal welfare, human service and environmental stewardship. There is a particular focus on animal welfare. We have committed to giving our employees one day in the community.

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We recognise that the Group has a responsibility to its stakeholders and we strive to contribute to the social and economic welfare of the local communities in which we operate. We recognise that  by taking voluntary action in this area, it is helping to protect and develop our business:

  • Offer employment opportunities to all sectors of the community through non-discriminatory policies and promoting opportunities to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups; and
  • Support local initiatives for the development and education of young people in the areas we serve.

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In addition to the annual Group donation, each business unit has the discretion to allocate funds and/or products to local community charities and/or animal welfare charities.

The majority of product donations are short dated product which otherwise would have had to be destroyed. At our Zagreb site, we have provided some land to the local community for use as a children’s playground for ten years.

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