Our People

We employ approximately 1,900 employees in 25 countries in a wide range of working environments. At Dechra, we have always acknowledged that our people are our greatest asset and know that an inclusive culture is beneficial for our business's performance. Our ongoing objective is to continue to be a high performing business driven by highly skilled and committed teams.

Accelerate Performance

Align employee efforts and drive productivity through effective goal setting, feedback and focus on development.

Grow Our Own Talent

Attract retain and develop the right talent in the right place at the right time.

Strong Culture and Values

How we do things round here.

Engaged and Committed Workforce

A great place to work.

Healthy Workplace

Improving the working lives of our people.

Creation of Shared Services

Efficient infrastructure supporting commercial operations.


Accordingly, we are committed to the following focus areas:

Strengthening and communicating the Dechra culture and striving to ensure our Values encompass our business ethics and standards;

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Attracting, retaining and developing talent to build and maintain a top quality team;

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Complying with national legal requirement regarding wages and working hours;

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Valuing the difference and diversity of people, recognising that their skills and abilities is a strength that can helps us to achieve our best;

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Reinforcing a culture of safe working practices.

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Our Approach

Our Environment