Veterinary Professionals

  • Improving the knowledge and skills of Veterinarians through training and services, and providing scholarships to the next generation.

Our relationship with veterinarians is key to our business and therefore, we provide added value services in the form of educational programmes focused on our key therapeutic areas. We deliver this education through many channels, including conferences and our digital e-learning environment, the Dechra Academy.

Dechra’s dedication and commitment to enhancing the health of animals goes beyond the supply of high quality pharmaceuticals and includes vital education for animal health professionals.

We deliver education through many channels, including conferences and our online digital e-learning environment, the Dechra Academy.

The Dechra Academy provides information that will help them better diagnose, monitor and treat conditions, aiding the appropriate use of Dechra products.The Dechra Academy offer is internationally oriented and provides Continuous Professional Development (CPD) recognition by individual countries’ authorities. There are 334 courses available in our Dechra Academy, offering accredited content in 18 languages. 

With the wide range of products we offer which includes those that treat complex and less frequently occurring disorders such as Cushing's and Addison's, the provision of a high quality veterinary technical support is a service that the veterinarians truly value.

Veterinarians across the globe can email technical services or call the telephone support lines provided in all the countries where Dechra operates. Veterinarians call Dechra to discuss:

  • Diagnosis;
  • Treatment options;
  • The ongoing monitoring and management of conditions, particularly those that are lifelong.

Our aim is to help veterinarians optimise the case management of each individual patient, and some veterinarians will call a number of times for support and advice on more complex cases.

In our smaller markets we will have a veterinarian responsible for providing veterinary support. This compares to our larger markets where we have more veterinarians that will collaborate across all sectors of the industry.

As our technical veterinarians have an in-depth knowledge of our products and the diseases that they treat they are often called upon to provide education for veterinarians, recent graduates and veterinary students.  Their expertise is also put to good use in supporting Dechra’s own sales and marketing teams and our distribution partners, enabling all sales teams to be well trained and our marketing messages to be relevant and technically accurate.

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