Culture and Values

Our Values, entrepreneurial attitude and agile approach to the way we do things are the backbone of our culture. We expect our people to make a difference by collaborating with each other and support them by providing clear guidance on expectations. 

We believe that our Values encapsulate our business ethics and set the standards that we wish to achieve and ultimately exceed. They outline the type of people we are, the services we provide and the way we aim to do business.

  • We are dedicated to delivering products and services that meet the highest level of service and quality to our customers
  • We constantly look for better ways to do things, resulting in a culture of continuous improvement
  • We encourage people to make decisions
  • We provide challenge for our people within their roles to help them be motivated and engaged and encourage learning and development
  • We endeavour to create an environment where our people want to come to work and feel a part of Dechra
  • We generate enthusiasm and energy through positive thinking and actions
  • We want a business where we dare to challenge each other, where innovation and creativity can flourish
  • We encourage each person to be pro-active and to take initiatives, creating a strong and competitive spirit
  • We encourage everyone to have confidence in themselves and have the strength and character to question the status quo
  • We act with integrity and fairness and treat everyone with respect, In our business every job is important
  • We are honest and open in all interactions
  • Openness is supported at all levels of the organisation
  • We see our customers and suppliers as business partners and thereby work together to ensure common success
  • We know that success is built on collaboration and cross-organisational team working to produce better results together
  • We are purpose driven and deliver solid results through our energetic and resilient approach
  • Our ambitions ensure that we deliver the highest possible levels of quality and services to our customers and to each other

Our Values are supported by our Code of Conduct. We encourage all employees, if they see or suspect something which they believe to be a breach of Dechra’s standards of conduct, to report their concerns via our How to Raise a Concern procedure. We offer four reporting channels for concerns to be raised: Line Manager, the Senior Management Team, Group Management Team, and a mailbox accessed only by the Company Secretary. Every effort will be made to protect confidentiality to encourage reporting. The How to Raise a Concern procedure has been translated into eight languages.

We will fully investigate reports and take appropriate actions to address these. The actions taken will depend on the circumstances and the severity of the issues identified. These actions may include process improvements, training and coaching, or formal disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment for the most severe issues. The Board receives a summary of the investigation reports.

Our People

Talent Management and Engagement