Talent Management and Engagement

  • Enhancing the skills of our workforce, planning for a successful future and improving the working lives of our people.

Dechra is committed to enhancing the skills of our workforce, planning for a successful future and creating a sustainable talent pipeline. Since July 2016, we have been utilising an e-learning management system, Delta, which hosts courses on topics ranging from induction and software skills to compliance matters such as pharmacovigilance and ABC. In February 2020, the Digital Learning Team launched a new version of Delta, the culmination of 18 months of effort. The new system is part of our five year Learning and Development strategy and is intended to improve the user experience, accessibility and compliance. This also marks a shift in training and methodology from one where we push training onto our employees, to one in which the user pulls the desired training content themselves. In addition to using the most up-to-date design principles, we are now also running internal communications and HR campaigns from within the system, maximising the exposure to our employees. 71 new courses including a number of COVID-19 courses and our new onboarding course, were made available in the 2020 financial year. More recently the impacts of COVID-19 have demonstrated just how valuable a resource our Delta platform is, with a surge in usage of over 200%.

2018 Employee Engagement Survey:

  • Trust level of 67%
  • 74% of our employees stating that Dechra is 'a great place to work'

Culture and Values

Fair Employment Practices